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Light Rutile Substitute

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Blender 3-d Software for Design and 2-d Pattern Making

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What a difference the choice of clay makes.

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At 12:52am on April 12, 2017, Tumay Erman said…

Hi George ,thank you for like I m very  glad to be in this group now .Greetings from Turkey .

At 1:35am on November 15, 2016, Norm Stuart said…

The link is at the top left of the webpage. Click on Members, then Supporting Members. Then the button Click to Become a Supporting Member Now.

At 6:58pm on November 14, 2016, Debbie said…

How do I pay my $9.00

At 2:24pm on October 25, 2016, Tom Anderson said…

Hi George:

Thought you might like to know that I have been discussing with Ron Roy; the possibility of republishing his book, along with John Hesselberth. Lots of hurdles to jump, but we are looking into it. I asked him if he could add some new recipes, and add a section on diagnosing and fixing glaze issues. My wife owns part of a publishing company: so we are hopeful to get this done. Not sure about the feasibility, but I think its worth taking a look at.


At 2:33pm on October 23, 2016, Sandy James said…

Hi George,

Tucson will be wonderful in winter.  I live in Pine up north but do visit Phoenix for a few weeks in January and it would be great to meet.  I am usually staying with a potter friend so if you came up to Phoenix you could met several potters in that area.   Lets see what we can do to connect.  Cheers,

Sandy James

Profile Information

What is your experience with ceramics in general. (Long answer encouraged)
Now that I've retired from my day job, I'm hoping my work in clay will provide a little secondary income, or at a minimum, pay for itself. I studied ceramics at San Francisco State University in the early 70s, and then tried to scratch out a living as a potter for several years, and finally went on to other pursuits where I could actually earn a living. For the next 30 years I never touched any plastic clay.
In 2004 I took a 10 week class at the Greater Lansing Potters Guild in Michigan, and discovered that I still really enjoy working with clay. I have taken several more classes and slowly put together a basement studio with an electric kiln, a small slab roller, and a used electric wheel.
My early experience was in the cone 10 reduction, gas-fired arena.
I founded the cone6pots network in the Spring of 2008 to provide a rich, highly interactive, online meeting place for mid-fire potters. The first couple of years saw very slow growth of membership, but now we're adding members at about fifty a month.
What is your current involvement with electric fired ceramics? (long answer encouraged)
The switch to cone 6 oxidation has led me in a whole new direction of glaze development, and it took me the best part of a year to start getting some results that I felt were acceptable. I have tested several hundred glaze recipes off the Internet, and from the books of Michael Baily, and John Hesselberth.
Using an aftermarket programmable kiln controller has allowed me much more control of my firing cycles and improved my results immensely. My introduction to single firing in 2009 has been a great boost my creative energy by compressing the creative process and making glazing more integral with the forming process instead being divorced from the raw clay processes. Attending a Steven Hill workshop in the fall of 2009 helped refocus my work on glazes that interact in complex ways and hover on the edge between chaos and control.
All our content is viewable by the public. Why do you want to be a member, when you can already see everything as a non-member?
Great interactions with other members. An online community of friends that will spill over into the real world.
Where do you work on your ceramics projects?
home studio
How did you find this network?

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Carl Crutchfield commented on George Lewter's photo


"beautiful work, piece in center very cosmic"
Erik Evans commented on George Lewter's photo


"Wow.  Lovely.  I sometimes wish I could throw so loosely, so free.  It's as if maker and material decided to get to this point together! "
George Lewter posted a status
"Header Image for May Newsletter was from Catherine Rehbein. Here is a photo of her work from my collection."
George Lewter posted a photo
George Lewter replied to Brent Farler's discussion What causes glazes to react with each other in the group Cone 6 Glaze Testing & Reporting
"Glazes layered or in contact with each other can exhibit wild behavior due to eutectic melting. Material components that have higher melting points by themselves can have drastically reduced melting points when mixed together, or in contact with…"
Tom Anderson commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"This is the easiest and best resource for the various temperatures potters need to be concerned with. Tom"
May 14
Tom Anderson commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"Norm: absolutely agree- was just giving Joseph a quick explanation. Would only apply to stoneware in some cases, and never to porcelain because of the flux molarity differences. Mr. Hill is just exercising an abundance of caution. Tom"
May 13
Joseph Fireborn commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"Makes perfect sense. Glad I questioned this. I have saved several hours in the last week no longer using this part. Although my entire schedule is a lot different than his. "
May 13
Norm Stuart commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"With a "Cone Fire" digital firing kiln it's easy to add multiple-hour 200 F pre-heat to any firing. "Kiln Sitter" controllers don't allow you to add a pre-heat to a firing, so people owning those sort of kilns adapted…"
May 13
Joseph Fireborn commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"Norm, This makes sense. So I preheat and soak for a good 3-4 hours during the day before my glaze firing at night. I am certain my stuff is dry by then. Thus I can continue to use my 300F/hour to 500F, which makes me save a good 1 hour or more from…"
May 13
Norm Stuart commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"Tom & Joseph -  A several hour pre-heat at 200 F is very effective at thoroughly drying greenware. Some have kilns which cannot easily add this pre-heat so they try other techniques which are not as effective. On Digitalfire Tony Hansen…"
May 13
Joseph Fireborn commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"Tom, So do all the other profiles just not care about it. Because every glaze and bisque profile goes faster than 100F. I dont understand I guess. I won't worry about it anymore anyways. Everything came out fine so I am just going to remove the…"
May 13
Tom Anderson commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"Joseph: I will leave the technical chemistry out of my reply- it puts people asleep. At 270C crystobalite polymorphs can become actual crystals.. Short answer- to stop crystobalite formation. Tom"
May 13
Joseph Fireborn commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"John, I am not really sure either. I am not certain that between 220 and 500F the clay is shrinking that much, is it? Also since the glazes are sprayed I assume they are already pretty dry. The inside being poured could be a reason for this. I am…"
May 11
John Lowes commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"An educated guess on that ramp relates to SH's single firing. Since his glazes need to dry on the green clay, going slower is beneficial so the glaze can shrink with the clay as they are headed to bisque temps and beyond. John Lowes Wynhill…"
May 10
Joseph Fireborn commented on George Lewter's group Steven Hill Oxidation Project
"Can anyone explain what the purpose of the second ramp in Steven's schedule is. Why does he go from 220F to 500F at 100F/hour. Every bisque profile I can find goes at a much faster rate of 250-300F. I assume this is a noobie proof schedule so…"
May 10
George Lewter replied to Chantay Poulsen's discussion Buisness Accounting, looking for info
"Back in 2012 when we did the peer group basic accounting class, Wave accounting did not have the capability to split transactions, which is the main reason I went back to Quicken Home and Business. It is available right now…"
Apr 26
George Lewter replied to Chantay Poulsen's discussion Buisness Accounting, looking for info
"We tried wave accounting for our accounting group class several years ago. As I recall it was pretty rigid in methods. I have returned to using Quicken Home and Business. It's not free, but it is very adaptable to the mixture of personal and…"
Apr 22
George Lewter commented on Brenda B Hardt's photo


"The green looks very much like spearmint. "
Apr 13
Tumay Erman left a comment for George Lewter
"Hi George ,thank you for like I m very  glad to be in this group now .Greetings from Turkey ."
Apr 12

George Lewter's Blog

Impressions of the ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center and Its Sponsored Studio Tour Feb. 2017

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 3:55am 2 Comments

In February I heard about a major ceramic studio tour in Phoenix AZ, and decided to make an overnight trip to visit the studios and to take in the ASU Ceramic Research Center Museum, with what is widely recognized as the best collection of ceramic art, from the 1950s through the present, in the United States. I was amazed by the variety and quality…


Adjustable Slump molds

Posted on May 31, 2016 at 6:47pm 2 Comments

I got a chance to try one last winter at MIY Ceramics and Glass in Hollywood, Florida, and knew I wanted one of my own. 

This is set up to make a platter or shallow bowl with a mouth 12" long by 8" wide. The depth is 1 3/8". The mold sections slide in pairs allowing you to set any…


Personal Melodrama

Posted on June 13, 2015 at 10:05am 5 Comments

I have always tried to keep non-ceramic commentary off of the cone6pots network, but since many of you are friends, I am breaking my rule for this one bit of news.

Elaine Lewter, my wife of thirty-one years, passed away peacefully early this morning. She was the mother of our two fine sons, Jesse…


Note to Self -- Do Not Devalue Basic Techniques

Posted on October 27, 2014 at 12:48am 2 Comments

I have found myself from time to time scoffing at some nice pots that were dipped in two overlapping glazes. The technique is seemingly taught to every beginning pottery student on their first day of glazing instruction. The fact is that some very interesting results can spring from the technique, given glazes that are attractive on their own, and that are suited to layering one over the other.

Yesterday I was very pleased how Glazing 101 technique worked for me with 3…


Blown Away by the Pottery of Timothy Sullivan

Posted on February 18, 2014 at 11:00pm 6 Comments

Yesterday, my wife and I attended the Art in the Grove festival in Coconut Grove, FL. With 350 artists, there weren't many potters, and with one exception, I was not that impressed with what I saw. I was fortunate enough, though, to meet Timothy Sullivan, and I was simply boggled by the beauty of his pieces. He gas fires to cone 10 and makes use of multiple patterned glazes to give incredibly rich surfaces. He makes extensive use of Tenmoku glazes for blacks, browns, and red browns. He then…



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