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Denice E. Demuth's Discussions

Digital Scales

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jacob Smith Jul 10, 2014. 21 Replies

My triple beam scales have cratered on me, so I'm in the market for some digital scales.  I hope someone is  using scales that they could recommend.  The only brand I'm familiar with is Ohaus, so any…Continue


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Latest Activity

Denice E. Demuth commented on Kabe Burleson's group Cone 6 tile work For those who like to work on a flat pot.
"I have installed my mural/grill on my porch, each tile is like a grill but the 5 holes have kiln cast solid glass that looks like the bottoms of old wine bottles.  I have a total of 70 bottle bottoms in the mural.  When I designed our…"
Jul 4, 2022
Denice E. Demuth left a comment for Jeff Poulter
"Hi Jeff, this is Denice E. Demuth  I was wondering if you have tried to get on Ceramics Monthly Forum lately,  My computer won't let me, it claims that Ceramics Monthly has a virus. I was just wondering if it was Ceramics Monthly or…"
Oct 5, 2021
Maggie Jones left a comment for Denice E. Demuth
"Thank you Denice, I appreciate your time to make the comment!"
Dec 26, 2020
Denice E. Demuth left a comment for Maggie Jones
"Wow Maggie I am impressed by the amount of work you have sitting in the gallery window.  You have a nice style and carry it through with great glaze combinations.    Denice"
Dec 26, 2020
Denice E. Demuth commented on Carl Ray Crutchfield's photo


"Love your Woggle, it looks like Kermit with battle armor on.   Denice"
Dec 10, 2020
Denice E. Demuth commented on Harold Roberts's photo

rooster teapot

"Great form and style."
Nov 16, 2020
Denice E. Demuth commented on Carl Ray Crutchfield's photo


"Reminds me of the Partridge Family bus, my hippie day were wood, salt and soda fire with a little Raku on the side. Denice"
Oct 28, 2020
Denice E. Demuth commented on Carl Ray Crutchfield's photo

chess set

"Great chess set,  I made one for my son when he was six years old.  He loved chess and medieval times so I combined the two.  I research medieval times and made the pieces according to what history I could find.  I made them out…"
Aug 1, 2020
Denice E. Demuth commented on Kathy Ransom's group Potters with physical challenges
"I finally finish my mural\grill combo to fill a window on my porch,  it is made up of large thick tiles,  edge moldings and styles.  The tiles have a sculptural stylized flower pattern with cast glass medallions that look like old…"
Apr 28, 2020
Denice E. Demuth commented on Norm Stuart's photo

Off to the Trader Joe's for groceries.

"Very funny!  One of these days I will have to shop at a Trader Joe's if they have characters like you hanging around.  I get newspaper ads in the mail from them but no address where they are located.  I'm not sure if we have…"
Mar 29, 2020
Denice E. Demuth commented on George Lewter's photo

The Big Fish Cooked Up Nicely

"Don't you just hate it when you made something with some clay you had available and it comes out so great except for the problems from using the wrong clay.  I made a 3'x5' wall fountain for my son and used a clay like Little…"
Sep 24, 2019
Denice E. Demuth commented on Carl Ray Crutchfield's photo

bird tile

"Picasso strikes again.  Denice"
Jul 27, 2019
Denice E. Demuth commented on Helen Sparrow's photo


"Did you do your bubbles on purpose or by accident.   I had white bubbles pop up on colored overglaze one time, it turned out to be bad clay.  Denice"
Jun 28, 2019
Denice E. Demuth commented on Carl Ray Crutchfield's photo


"Great use of glaze, I love your turtle.  My  father in-law collected turtle art,  if he was still around I would buy this for him.    Denice"
Jun 28, 2019
Denice E. Demuth commented on Carl Ray Crutchfield's photo

kiln load

"Nice load,  why do you use Cone 10 clay with a Cone 6 Glaze?  Nice paneling in your kiln area,  I put concrete board on the walls in my kiln room.   Denice"
May 26, 2019
Denice E. Demuth commented on Kathy Ransom's group Potters with physical challenges
"Thought I would drop in and see how everyone is doing  I know everyone has there up and downs.   I got a good report that my MS hasn't progressed much in the last 10 years and then blew my knee out a couple of days later.  I…"
May 17, 2019

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What is your experience with ceramics in general. (Long answer encouraged)
What is your current involvement with electric fired ceramics? (long answer encouraged)
I have been working in cone 6 since Richard Zakin's first book came out in the early 70"s. Right now I am working on fountains in the cone 1-3 range but as soon as I'm finished with these projects, I go back to Cone 6
All our content is viewable by the public. Why do you want to be a member, when you can already see everything as a non-member?
I am interested in learning how other potters deal with the changing chemistry of glaze chemicals. I"m not a glaze wizard, I make my own glazes but haven't had much luck changing them. I signed up with Ceramic Monthly site thinking I could help someone, but it seems most of the people on it are beginners and need some primary education in ceramics before you can answer their question. Potters who already know the difference between cone 06 and 6 will be easier to exchange info with.
Where do you work on your ceramics projects?
home studio
Do you have your own, or participate in other ceramics Websites:
http://ceramic monthly
How did you find this network?
search engine

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At 4:45pm on December 26, 2020, Maggie Jones said…

Thank you Denice, I appreciate your time to make the comment!

At 7:09am on October 7, 2016, Erik Evans said…
Thanks for the encouraging word, Denice. Nice to hear it's not published in a void.
At 4:26am on August 3, 2014, Rodney Allen Roe said…

You're right, Denice.  MS seems to be a series of steps forward and steps back, but the suppression of the immune process seems to be getting better and more refined.  They thought I might have MS when I first had my vision loss because it so commonly affects vision first.  All of life though is one step forward and one step back.  Keep on making things.

At 7:59am on January 7, 2014, Kathy Ransom said…

Thank you and no, your comments definately didn't upset me.  I was asking for advice and you gave it, and the gallery that offered the advice about changing my work sold a couple of my pieces that went against the advice they gave me!  I really think the whole thing comes down to making the work that I love, while I keep working at finding the audience who will love it.  So much of it seems to be finding the person who really responds to my style.  Can't believe the gallery owner you dealt with would shoot herself in the foot and lose a sale - you're better off not dealing with someone dumb enough to do that to herself and an artist she represents.  

At 4:07am on July 10, 2013, Maulik Oza said…

hi norm,

i have seen this websites but thanks again for showing me the exact things. the problem is i dont know the composition of frits which i use so i cannot compare. i will ask the dealer if he can give me the composition list. i have only one pdf about it which i am attaching here just have a look.Ceramic%20Frits%20for%20Studio%20Pottery%20Technical%20Data%20Sheet%20-%202.pdf

and about pricing of the material here lead bi-silicate frit costs me 4250 indian rupee = 71 US$ for 25 kg bag. i checked some other material price also like copper carbonate costs me 4.88 us $ per pound where on that website it is costing you 11.29 $per pound... so of course there is a huge difference in price. and i think it will be for all the materials. only problem here is to get material for studio pottery. we dont have websites like axner or big ceramicstore l where we can get studio pottery related materials and equipments. specially kilns and all we will have to get it made here on our own. thats why i am using gas kilns because its  easier to build compare to electric thats the story...:) its not an easy job for ceramic artists to run the studio :)


At 2:05am on July 10, 2013, Norm Stuart said…

Maulik - Digitalfire is one place to find frit equivalents.

This page shows the chemical make-up of Ferro Frit 3110 and at the bottom of this page it says Ferro Frit 3110 is comparable to GF-134, Pemco P1-VO4 etc. What brand frit supplier is common in your area?

There are many other frit substitution websites with and without chemical analysis, such as this one;

I'm curious what lead bisilicate frit costs you for a 25 Kilo bag.  In fact I'm curious about your cost for most ceramic raw materials.  This website gives a fairly good idea what American prices are, although you can often find cheaper prices on some of these materials.

Increasingly many of our US vendors purchase manufactured raw materials from China.

As an example Alisa Clausen, a potter in Denmark uses many European equivalent frits, but some of the replacements include ingredients like barium which are not in American frits, such as the UK based Johnson Matthey MOK-623 frit. To replace MOK-623 I use the following:

MOK-623 - substitute

As you can see it's almost the same, except my substitute over-supplies Calcium Oxide

In most case my glazes made with this mixture closely resembles her glazes made with MOK-623

75.0%    Ferro Frit 3134
30.0%    Borax
10.0%    Soda Ash
5.8%    Zinc Oxide
5.3%    Barium Carbonate or Strontium Carbonate
-12.8%    Calcium Oxide
At 10:07pm on July 9, 2013, Maulik Oza said…

hi denice,

we dont use lead but sometime we use lead bi silicate (LBS).. and its available here in india. if i talked about our work then frankly speaking we are just beginner in this field. we are bunch of architects who want to work with their hands rather than computers. we work with gas fired kilns and cone 6 glazes right now but interested in exploring many different techniques in this medium. i will surely try this recipe but only problem with this is the frit 3110.. we get frits here but with different names so i dont know which one to replace with. if you can help in that it will be good thing for me. otherwise all other materials seems familiar. i would love to see your work because we are mostly interested in large scale work which can be a part of architecture which we do. and also if you can share some recipes of claybody for large scale work( hand building and throwing) that will be good.

whatever murals we have done till now are on ready made bisque tiles. we get the tiles and then either spray glazes on them with stencils or we paint it like a normal oil paint paintings. and fire it at a low temperature.. these are very simple glazes made from 90 LBS and 10 china clay with different  colorants and oxides. we are planning to do some handmade time murals i will keep you updated with it.. nice to take to you .


At 9:14am on July 9, 2013, Maulik Oza said…

hey denice,

thank you very much for liking the work. i find it actually easy to post photos here on this site.. you just have to add photos from your comp and upload it.. i have never visited ceramic monthly forum.. i am finding this website pretty good to discuss work and some problems and many things.. about my raku kiln,,,, no i have not fired my new raku kiln yet i will be firing it soon.. still there is some mechanism has to be fixed for lifting the upper part.. And i will be more than happy to try out THE demuth's purple passion recipe :).. please forward it to me.... if you have any questions regarding our work please ask i will be glad to share my glaze recipes and any other things which we do.. :)

- oza

At 3:22pm on June 10, 2013, Norm Stuart said…

Electroplating directly onto ceramic painted with a conductive coating, or onto a conductive removable mandrell (electroforming) is pretty straight-forward. I've done things like this in college.

The downside is you need to use a concentrated bath of acid, like sulfuric acid, and you end up with a toxic soup of soluble metal contaminants in the acid. So it's not the sort of process we'd want to pursue in our outdoor studio.

Real estate developers using the site of a recently closed chrome plating business in West Hollywood are facing clean-up costs of $1.5 million for the soil under the building.

A cleaner approach for a ceramic studio is PMC "gold clay", "silver clay", or "bronze clay". A moldable and toolable clay-like material which fires to a semi-precious metal. The same company sells metal etching and plating kits if you're not daunted.

It's much like making your own ceramic gilding solution.  It's easy enough if you have the right lab equipment - a Hydrogen Sulfide cylinder inside a fume hood (as the gas is poisonous), goggles, an emergency eye wash, gloves, scale, pH paper, glassware, tubing and stoppers.

You bubble the H2S gas through lavender oil until it turns red, or simply start with Turkey Red Oil (sulfated castor oil). Then mix this sulfonated oil thoroughly with three different metal acids:

1.) a precious metal like auric acid (gold(III) chloride), or platinum chloride;

2.) Bismuth Chloride as the bonding agent between the ceramic and the precious metal;

3.) Rhodium Chloride to cover the precious metal. Thin layers of Rhodium are clear and very hard, preventing wear of the gold or platinum.

Ingredients #1 and #3 are very expensive.

Titrate off the oil portion which is your luster to apply to ceramic at ^016. The metals are attached to the oil molecules via the sulfur. Both the oil and the sulfur burn-off in the kiln leaving the thin layer of Rhodium/Gold/Bismuth on the ceramic.

But you're also left with a toxic mess in the remaining water soluble liquid to dispose of, or even more waste liquid if you used sulfuric acid instead of hydrogen sulfide to sulfonate the oil.

You can alter the finished color of the fired gold or platinum gilding by adding very small quantities of chloride of Vanadium, Chromium or Cobalt.

Not having access to the lab set-up, I just buy a 2 gram vial of Duncan Bright Gold for $35.

At 7:43am on April 26, 2013, Amanda Sullivan said…

Good luck! I gotta get to throwing!



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