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My wife and I are hobby potters
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home studio
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Where to Sell Your Pottery?

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 6:49pm 5 Comments

I'd like to start selling my pieces. Have a couple local galleries that represent me. Where else can you go? Anyone had success with their own online shopping cart and selling their own pieces through their own web sites?

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At 7:44pm on December 1, 2013, Tom Waggle said…
Meant to day he uses Coleman Cone 10 PORCELAIN
At 7:43pm on December 1, 2013, Tom Waggle said…
Stephen hill did tell me that B-mix is one of worst for incompatibility with his glazes. Again he recommended I switch to porcelain. He uses Coleman Cone 10 stoneware for his Cone 6 work.
At 7:39pm on December 1, 2013, Tom Waggle said…
The problem does seem to be the clay body. Apparently proper ventilation through the kiln and plenty of oxygen during the bisque firing is supposed to help, this is something I have not focused on yet.
I only get the pinholes on the surfaces that have the strontium Crystal magic as a base.
The insides of my pots have Steven Hill's red orange glaze all by itself and there are never pinholes there.
On some other forum somebody mentioned that the grog in the clay body could also somehow affect the occurrence of pinholes, where the grog is protruding from the surface such as a trimmed area versus an area that has been compacted and smoothed with a medal rib.
I started considering this possibility this evening because the majority of the pieces that have been ruined by pinholes are on my large bowls, bowls that had been trimmed on the wheel. Most of my mugs and tumblers have very few if any pinholes it's just mainly on the pieces that were trimmed on the wheel pieces that may have a rougher surface because of the trimming.
I would just like to find a nice cone six stoneware body that is totally compatible with the Steven Hill Glazes.
There may be some other gassing reaction that is occurring between the glaze in the clay body during the glaze firing something that apparently does not occur when using porcelain.
Somebody noted that the quick drop in temperature from Cone 6 to 1700° per the Steven Hill firing schedule may not allow those popped blisters to heal ,whereas if the ramp down from cone six were slower than a freefall maybe those blisters would seal over?
At 12:08am on February 25, 2012, Christopher Cisper said…

I really like your glazes. Beautiful pieces.  I believe you have helped to set a higher standard for me.  Simply gorgeous.

At 4:14pm on January 5, 2010, George Lewter said…
1. Recipe correct
2. Leave bottom peephole open about 1/8 of its area and if your kiln doesn't have a vent hole in the top of the lid, then leave the lid cracked open about an eighth of an inch with a wad of clay.

At 11:46pm on January 4, 2010, Brian Dean said… George Love some of your glazes. I particularly like the C Harris Temoku Breaking Red Glaze. Can you confirm this is the recipe for that?

C Harris Temoku Cone: 6
Color: red brown black
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Glossy

27.8 Silica
18.6 Kaolin--EPK
18.6 Nepheline Syenite
9.2 Gerstley Borate--1999
9.2 Dolomite
9.2 Talc
7.4 Bone Ash
100 Total Additives
11.1 Red Iron Oxide
Comments: One hour hold maintained within + or - 10 degrees of 1742 F with plenty of oxygen circulating are the keys to the best red development.

I have a Skutt Electric Kiln with a programmable controller but it does not have a vent. How do you get "plenty of oxigen circulating" in that event?

Brian Dean
At 7:48pm on January 4, 2010, Brian Dean said…
The Val Cushing G4 Cone 6 Ash Glaze I'm using is as follows:

Wood Ash: 50
Gerstley Borate 20
Whiting 12
Silica 10

I'm going to try and post a picture of a bowl using this glaze
and the coloring oxides I used were 1% cobalt carbonate and 6% copper carbonate

This is really a nice Cone 6 oxidation rivulet glaze. My first experiments had some pin holing in the glaze but I think this might have been due to the fact that I was bisque firing only to cone 010. I am doing a new kiln load using this glaze and come other coloring oxide combinations this week and I have bisque fired almost all those new pieces to cone 04 so there is a better chance that any organics that might have contributed to the pinholing will be fired out of the bisqued pieces.
At 2:54pm on January 4, 2010, Robert Seele said…
What Val Cushing glazeare you using ?
I am trying to get the same effects. So for no luck.
At 6:23am on January 4, 2010, Brian Dean said…
Working on Cone 6 Oxidation Glaze Tests. Mostly trying to find a great runny ash glaze that looks like a cone 10 reduction ash glaze. Have found a Val Cushing glaze that is starting to produce very good results. My next round of tests is going to be layering that with various coloring oxide combinations over various combinations of Nutmeg & White Satin Matt combinations sprayed around the bottom of pots to give that wood fired look where there is little or no glaze toward the bottom of the pot.

I should have a new load fired sometime this week. Spraying and loading the kiln a little at a time then have to get out my camera setup to take some photos after that.


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