My triple beam scales have cratered on me, so I'm in the market for some digital scales.  I hope someone is  using scales that they could recommend.  The only brand I'm familiar with is Ohaus, so any help would be greatly appreciated.  If you have some scales you just hate tell me about them to so won't buy them.       Denice (Wichita  KS)

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I have one of these, the accuracy has been pretty consistent.  I use a calibration weight first but it reads fairly true.  For under 100 grams I use a 100 gram scale.  

Once you get a decent set of electronics and strain gages in a line of scales the trick is to have something that protects the buttons from clay and chemical gunk.  Check the membrane switch set up or if they use touch sensitive glass (like on a glass cook top). A piece of saran wrap taped over the switches goes a long way.  

No matter what get a calibration weight to check your scale for piece of mind. 

Most of these scales have too many openings to saran-wrap - I tried. It would be nice to find an enclosed-case scale with membrane switches.  That flat sheet scale looks closest.

I have a keyboard membrane for my laptop. But I've discovered from using the trackpad on my laptop that touch sensitive surfaces don't function well when your hands are damp, or if you have glaze material on the surface.

The last time I used a triple beam scale was in chemistry at UC Berkeley in 1974 or so.  Even then we were all in awe of the digital scales the professors used -- except back then they cost $14,000 each, which is why we students were stuck with swinging triple-beam Ohaus scales. I was surprised Ohaus still sells them.

That we can buy a 1/10 gram or 1/100 gram accuracy digital scale for $9 is the same reason we have computerized kiln controllers and thermocouples. I first used an old kiln with a Dawson kiln-sitter for nine months with those little clay matchstick cones . . .  that got old really fast. No ability to control cooling rates or temperature holds, and the bending of those cone sticks is suggestive than accurate.

for small amounts under 5 grams or so I'll take the digital scale over the triple beam. This is especially useful for test batches where the colorant is a very small amount.  I can get to within 0,01 gram accuracy whereas the triple beam is guess for anything less than a half gram (IMHO).  For a glaze using a half or quarter gram of a colorant in a 100 gram batch this becomes the difference between an accurate test or a swag.

I think almost all the scale that are available on Amazon, eBay or any other website is best for measurement. But it depends on you that which features you need in that scale and on  bases of features you like or dislike that scale.

Norm the scales I bought for larger batches has membrane switches with another layer of plastic over them, the only problem I have with it is that it goes through batteries even when it's not being used.  The model on it is Soehnle 5000 X 1g, I leave the batteries out of it until I'm ready to use it.  Brent great idea about taping the saran wrap the button, I'll check mine to see if any of them need it.   Denice

i bought a small 100g scale and a 5000g scale last year  The small scale was like $10 and works great - I think you can find it on Amazon by searching for drug dealer supplies or something like that.  That who seems to be the big market, not us glaze guys.

 The 5000g scale is a ok and very accurate.  Amazing because I spent like $20.  It is marketed under the name EatSmart by Walmart but look at the shape and you can see it under dozens of brand names all from the same factory in China.  Turns itself off after 3 minutes and I've replaced the batteries once. I think the buttons have membrane switches underneath them because they don't seem to mind the clay and dirt.  My wife uses this scale for weighing clay and I use it for mixing glazes and no problems. 

Get a set of reference weights so you can test your scale before using.  A low battery can cause a misread. the price is cheap but they will not last like your triple beam did.

Do not get the Taylor Digital Black Glass scale or anything that looks like it (same factory in China). The buttons are on the side and will clog with chemicals and clay.  It is sold as a food scale and I really liked the glass surface and the accuracy but the buttons clogged in just a few short months and are not waterproof.  I finally tossed it in the trash.

A couple years back, I bought a My Weigh scale.  I had gone through a couple of cheapies from Harbor Freight, but they didn't last & weren't very accurate. I don't remember what I paid for it, but it runs off a wall wart or batteries and it came with a a couple weights to calibrate it. It has lasted for quite a while and I can just brush any spilled materials off the front panel.  I hope it lasts a while longer as I don't want to shell out more money for a scale right away.  jhp

Why not you search one on eBay or Amazon because i also bought mine from there. And there are many scale manufacturer who offer best digital floor scales and balance scales that help you in getting precise measurements.

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