Just came across the C Harris Temoku recipe for cone 6 firing and wondered if anyone knew if this would be a foodsafe glaze? Thank you for your help!

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If this is the one off of Clayart. (That's what I got when I entered it) None of the ingredients or the colorants are dangerous in themselves. I think it would be safe. But I have a lot to learn. Maybe someone who is better qualified could pipe in. You could use the Insight-Live Material Data base to double check the material. It is an encyclopedia of information. All that Iron could make a pot heat up a bit in a mircowave but I use some cone 10 Temmoku bowls in mine all the time and I have not seen any ill effect. Happy firing.

I thought I would add that you can Google "GLLE glaze leaching test" and it will pull up sites. There are digital Fire sites that tell how to conduct the test if you want to pursue it.  There may be a simpler way I do not know. I 'm sure you could also go through Insight-Live Happy firing

Thank you Kabe!  I am very new to creating my own glazes and have learned to be cautious knowing I'm making functional pottery that needs to be foodsafe.  Definitely will hit the data base to double check the material along with the leaching test site.  So thankful for your help in pointing me into these directions.  Hope my tests come out well!  Would love not to purchase a premixed iron red glaze and start mixing my own.

The Ceramic Monthly Mag. Nov. issue has a beautiful red cone six glaze in it. I do not know if you can see it on line or not. it is worth looking at.  It is more of a raspberry than Iron red. Happy firing.

Will definitely check out the magazine issue!  So appreciate the heads up and cannot wait to see the color.  Thanks again for your help!


This is a retraction of a statment I made in this post. I would hate for my ignorance about a subject to be the reason for someone elses misfortune. "All the ingredience look safe so therefore the glaze is  Food safe. Sounds logical to me but I think I could be very wrong. There is a informative discussion about this at "Ceramic Art Daily"  go to "Topics" look under "Clay and Glaze technical" for "food safety" the discussion is dated Nov 16 2012. There is more to this food safety stuff than I thought Good luck with your testing.  Happy firing Kabe

Thank you!  Will definitely check out the discussions.

C Harris Temoku Recipe

This is the recipe I first posted on the C6P network several years ago. That posting was under a discussion that was removed when the author left the network and deleted all his content. There may be a couple of variations posted by others, but this is the original. This glaze has no ingredients that are known to be toxic via leaching out of the fired glaze.

My personal experience is that this glaze turns brick red for me under a range of firing conditions. I have quite a few photos of my results with the glaze posted here on the network - My Photos

Glossy Cone 6, variegated red/brown/black

Code Number


Batch Number


Materials Amt
Silica 27.80
Kaolin--EPK 18.60
Nepheline Syenite 18.60
Gerstley Borate 9.20
Dolomite 9.20
Talc 9.20
Bone Ash 7.40
Additions Amt
Iron Oxide--Red 11.10


I mixed up 10,000 grams several years ago and don't remember if I used generic iron oxide, or special red iron oxide from: 

Ceramic Supply, Inc.
7 Route 46 West
Lodi, New Jersey, 07644
Tel: (800) 723.7264
Fax: (973) 340.0089
Email: orders@eceramicsupply.com

My glaze batch is all used up now, and I need to figure out which one to use. Back to the test tube.

Thank you George!  I will definitely compare the recipe I have to yours and so glad you've had success with this glaze.  I made a small batch and ran a few test tiles.  Great results and was planning on conducting a leach test. Good luck making your new batch of the glaze.   If you find out which iron red you used please let me know.  Our guild has a basic iron red and a spanish iron red oxide (if I'm remembering correctly).   I just used the basic iron red and loved the results!


Your pottery pictures are beautiful!  Love the Fake Hannah's Ash glazing!  Just discovered this glaze, but know very little about how to apply it.  Looks like in your pictures that you have several layers of glazing under this glaze as well.   Do you spray or dip by chance?


Thank you again for all your help!  Just love discovering new ways to make cone 6 glazes pop!

For the best results Hannah's fake ash should be thick, and should not be layered with other glazes except where you are feathering it into another glaze. I mainly spray my glazes 

Thanks!  The reason for my question...You have in your grouping of pictures a beautiful 1 qt. pitcher with "Hannah's Fake Ash above Variegated Slate Blue over Nutmeg".  It's lovely!  There is a transition from the Hannah's to the Variegated, but did you put Nutmeg under just the blue?  So appreciate your help with my continued questions. 

Yes, the VSB is layered on top of Nutmeg only. The golden yellow transition is the zone where all three glazes are feathering in/out of each other. I have gotten that on a number of pots with that combination.

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