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Norm Stuart's Discussions

Type-S thermocouple

Started this discussion. Last reply by Norm Stuart Jul 2, 2016. 4 Replies

Is in Germany the least expensive place to purchase a Type-S thermocouple?The €95.80 price, roughly $107, is well less than half the…Continue

Warm Glass

Started this discussion. Last reply by Norm Stuart Aug 6, 2016. 14 Replies

Has anyone else fused frit into a glass bowl?We've been asked to do a glass project, which is apparently called "warm glass" being fired only to 1,250 to 1,450 F with an hour long annealing hold at…Continue

Predicted COE (Coefficient of Expansion) - trust your actual results rather than the predicted COE

Started this discussion. Last reply by Marina Reijsmeijer (Kleierij) Sep 10, 2015. 1 Reply

One of the helpful tips Tony Hansen of Digitalfire has passed on to me is the "calculated thermal coefficient of expansion" in Insight-Live and other glaze software is not very accurate when used to…Continue

Tags: flameware, dilatometer, coefficient, boron, zam

Deflocculant - Sodium Citrate

Started this discussion. Last reply by Norm Stuart Jul 3, 2015. 2 Replies

I wonder if anyone has used Sodium Citrate as a deflocculant?Digitalfire Deflocculants,…Continue


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Latest Activity

Norm Stuart replied to Lawrence Weathers's discussion Mocha Diffusoin
"All you would add to the Tween-80 is a colorant like black mason stain, iron oxide, or manganese dioxide.  The mocha colors in tobacco all vaporize in the kiln leaving no color. Tween-80 is a liquid detergent used in biochem labs to extract DNA…"
Jun 17
Tileworks commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"New comment on an old thread. That Mossy Mahogany glaze sure looks like a ^10 version of MC6G Waterfall Brown, probably with a bit more rutile. Cheers"
Jun 9
Erik Evans commented on Norm Stuart's video


"If all this thing did was wedge clay, I would probably watch it for hours! If it went on to center clay and throw a "perfect" pot, I'd probably just want to give up altogether. At first, I dismissed this as a mere curiosity. Your…"
Jun 4
Tom Anderson commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"Norm: Must say I like this glaze. The slow cool creates an " antiquing" effect- for lack of better terms. The breaking over texture is all the more appealing."
May 31
Norm Stuart commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"The only Cone 56 firing our studio has used for 5 years is with the six hour slow-cool 50 F per hour between 1,800 and 1,500. I'd love to see a photo of what Orange Street looks like in other types of firings. The biggest variable in most iron…"
May 31
Joseph Fireborn commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"Norm. I know I might have asked this before, but is this with your classic 50F/hour 1800-1500 schedule cooling result? It is pretty lovely and shows some really nice texture. I have used orange street before but didn't get a result like this. I…"
May 31
Joseph Fireborn commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"That is interesting. I noticed some of my glazes spec when I do a slower cool than I normally do. I want to try your schedule in the future. I might order some of that frit and compare original vs with frit at that temp rate. Thanks for the reply."
May 26
Norm Stuart commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"The black dots in the slow-cooled glaze come from the glaze ingredients rather than the clay. It looks the same on porcelain."
May 26
Joseph Fireborn commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"Norm in the picture below. The warm Jade Green. Are those two pictures on the same clay body? Or is the one on the right a body with Manganese Granular? I am curious about this Frit 3269. I might try some of it soon."
May 26
Norm Stuart replied to Tom Humphries's discussion Leather hard to glaze fired weight difference
"Interesting. That 10% loss of weight would probably be quite different with a different clay and glaze."
May 25
Norm Stuart posted a video
May 23
Norm Stuart commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"Barabara -  Even at a fast cool Weathered Bronze Green needed extra flux to become reliable. But our need to add extra flux and glass, with the additional 20% 3269 Frit, comes from our use of a very slow-cool - 6 hours between 1,800 F and…"
May 21
Barbara Hanselman commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"Strontium Matte Seafoam"
May 21
Barbara Hanselman commented on Norm Stuart's photo


"When adding the 20% 3269 frit, do you eliminate or changer any of the other ingredients? The recipe I use for Weathered Bronze follows - STRONTIUM WEATHERED BRONZE (Frog Pond Green) This is a great weathered-looking glaze.  The bronze goes from…"
May 21
Denice E. Demuth commented on Norm Stuart's photo

Obsideon (iron-rich silica) with devitrified inclusions of Cristobalite

"I know what Obsideon is, I thought you had found a way to grind it up and turn it into a glaze.  Your so good at trying off the wall ideas when it comes to glazes.  Denice"
May 15
Norm Stuart commented on Norm Stuart's photo

Obsideon (iron-rich silica) with devitrified inclusions of Cristobalite

"Obsideon is not a glaze but a rock made of silica with iron melted at temperatures well above cone 10 because the only flux it contains is iron. I posted it because it has white devitrified areas of the silica morph Cristobalite. This is a rock…"
May 15

Profile Information

What is your experience with ceramics in general. (Long answer encouraged)
I threw a couple of bowls in junior high school and have thrown none since.

Four years ago I got volunteered as a "chemist" for the non-profit community ceramic studio my husband manages. Since being drafted, I've found some time to craft some sculptural works.
What is your current involvement with electric fired ceramics? (long answer encouraged)
Apprentice Glaze Chemist

I originally made all the glazes at our outdoor studio. Now an expanded team of glaze makers bring us old favorites and new creations.

Four years ago we replaced our kiln sitter with a computer controlled kiln, a Bartlett V6-CF controller modified slightly for Cress.

What a difference it makes, being able to program several hour 200 F pre-heats, using a pre-programmed Cone-Fire, or adding slow-cooling to ^6 firings, all with the ease of microwave oven like controls.
All our content is viewable by the public. Why do you want to be a member, when you can already see everything as a non-member?
Sharing ceramic glaze ideas and happy accidents.

I've taken photos of just about every experiment we've done at our studio, and this website seems like the ideal place to share them with others contemplating similar ceramic variations.
Where do you work on your ceramics projects?
community center
How did you find this network?
search engine

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Norm Stuart's Blog

The secret of Magnetic organization from our friend Lawrence Weathers

Posted on April 28, 2016 at 12:30am 3 Comments

What I need now is a device which prevents studio members from dropping tools and valuable extruder parts in our washing tub which collects clay and heavy metals from glaze for disposal.

Going through the muck prior to disposal is always a treasure hunt.

Never Misplace a Tool Again!

by  …



Posted on February 11, 2015 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

A year ago I watched this video of the UK ceramicist Takeshi Yasuda working in the porcelain city of Jingdezhen China.

As amazing as it was to see those workshops in action, I now learn that virtually all of the ceramic…


Wedgwood ceramic archive - potential break-up and sale

Posted on September 1, 2014 at 11:00pm 3 Comments

I was very informed about ceramics by a sections of Josiah Wedgewood's Kiln Journal written while developing their original Jasperware, "Trial 136 Success!"  It's sad to see this.

Stoke museum's collection of pioneering potter, described as 'unparalleled' by Unesco, due to be sold to meet pension debts.…


Computerized Clay Extruders and Throwers

Posted on August 19, 2014 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

"Wired" magazine has an interesting article on the new way to throw or sculpt clay, featuring Dutch artist Oliver van Herpt.…


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At 10:18am on December 14, 2016, Frederick Johnson said…

Norm, I like your posts on Materials Science from Alfred University. Unfortunately the link(s) don't work. Any ideas?



At 7:24pm on October 27, 2015, Randy McCall said…

Norm I see an Antique White on the Lakeside Pottery web site  but no recipe.  That is the one I am talking about.

At 6:03pm on October 27, 2015, Randy McCall said…

Norm would like to try your antique white if you don't mind since you have used some of my glazes.  Would greatly appreciate it.  I used a similar glaze in gas but have not been able to find one like that in electric.

At 2:11am on July 22, 2015, Chantay Poulsen said…
I found all the Alberta Slip glaze recipes on the Plainsman clay website. The base glaze looks good on white clay too. I look forward to trying out more of them.
At 9:22am on July 24, 2014, Deborah Bassett-Maxwell said…
The yellow is a Tony Hanson 20 x 5 glaze. I can send the recipe to you when I get to my studio this morning.
At 3:52pm on June 4, 2014, Ersatz Soubriquet said…

Oh,  and one alias that wasn't me, but I wish had been, was 'Borax Fritz', back in probably 1980 in the pages of... Ceramics Monthly?

At 3:50pm on June 4, 2014, Ersatz Soubriquet said…

Norm, I've had a heap of aliases, Bogus Cognomen is another of them...

I kind of like being somewhat masked, and though I've been a potter a long time, I'm just restarting, and this cone 6 world is one I'll have to learn, and I'll make stupid mistakes, my glaze notebooks were lost in a flood, but hey, they were mostly cone 10 anyway.

I'll probably come out of hiding pretty soon.

Back in the day... we potters had to meet up, some were generous, some secretive, I'm so very pleased to see the spirit of open sharing, mutual help, and support that is out there on the internet for potters. I hope I'll be as helpful in the community.

At 9:21am on June 11, 2013, Denice E. Demuth said…

Norm that's sounds like a toxic mess and a lot more complicated.  I have hit on a nice metallic look using the Flaky Lime Green glaze on Laguna's brown clay that looks black at C6.  I have only used it on tiles and pour the glaze over them to keep a even consistent finish.  I have seen the metallic clay at the Fort Worth NECCA I think that was around 97-98.  It was a new product then and very pricey.  Denice

At 8:59am on June 7, 2013, Denice E. Demuth said…

Norm you definitely keep the forum interesting, have you done any electroforming. A newcomer on the Ceramics Monthly Forum was wanting to know if anyone else was using that technique.  I vaguely remember it from some ancient Ceramic Monthly magazines that are on discs.  I won't be trying it but it is very interesting.  I still make you own glazes and experiment with them but try to stay away from most chemicals because of my M.S.  Denice



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